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  • #Curvee

    Posted on July 23 2015

    Recently Instagram has banned the hashtag #Curvy in an effort to reduce the amount of nudity being posted on the site. However, many body-positive activists, bloggers, and plus-size fashionistas are infuriated....

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  • Curvy or Plus?

    Posted on May 05 2015

    The internet has been buzzing with a new hashtag: #DropThePlus. Orignally started by Austrialian model, Stefania Ferrario, this body positive social campaign is aimed to stop referring to models as...

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  • New Year, Love YOU

    Posted on January 01 2015

    It's officially 2015. Everyone is announcing their New Years resolutions. Have you decided on one yet? If not, why don't you consider a different kind of resolution this year?  Why...

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  • Pulse

    Posted on November 19 2014

    Hi Bellas! Zoe here. Quick blog post so I can share something I'm excited about. This morning I met Anne, owner of Pulse Kettlebells & Yoga for coffee. We chatted...

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