Fashion that Fits: Exclusive Plus-Size Style in Sizes 14-24


July 23 2015 – Zoe Schuler

Recently Instagram has banned the hashtag #Curvy in an effort to reduce the amount of nudity being posted on the site. However, many body-positive activists, bloggers, and plus-size fashionistas are infuriated. We formerly used the #curvy hashtag to share body-confident pictures, fashion images, inspiring quotes and much more. In an effort to #bringcurvyback people in the group that I mentioned above have responded to Instagram's new policy by posting fierce pictures, selfies and empowering quotes using the hashtag #Curvee. 

While I support Instagram trying to clean up their site and I believe they could have tried to find a different way to crack down on nudity; I think we (plus size fashionistas, body-positive people) can use this as an opportunity to embrace and take ownership of the hashtag #curvee. Let's take this new hashtag and give it a positive meaning unique to ourselves. Let's let it be empowering for women. Let it show self-love, promote body-positivity and help boost each other up. 

Since we know that the #curvy hashtag was used in other ways (that Instagram didn't like), this is our opportunity to use #curvee in a positive way to help define a community of women who embrace their bodies and encourage others to love themselves as well. 


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