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Curvy or Plus?

May 05 2015 – Zoe Schuler

The internet has been buzzing with a new hashtag: #DropThePlus. Orignally started by Austrialian model, Stefania Ferrario, this body positive social campaign is aimed to stop referring to models as "Plus Size" because it can be viewed as negative and demeaning. Read more about Ferrario's #DropThePlus campaign here.

I've been reading the above article & more about this campaign and it has me thinking about the term "plus-size". Should we use it at the boutique? What about using the term "curvy" instead? That sounds nice...I think. I keep bouncing back and forth between the two terms trying to decide which one is appropriate to use in our boutique. Here are my thoughts:

Curvy or Plus-Size?   Zoe’s Pros & Cons.

Plus-size? Like an A+, I am excellent . . .

. . . but plus-size sounds like I’m other than normal.

Curvy is sexier. . .

. . . and curvy sounds more about fit than size.

Curvy is more positive than plus-size . . .

. . . but is plus-size more accurate?

Plus-size sounds practical . . .

. . . and curvy sounds fashionable.

Plus-size technically describes the clothes; curvy aesthetically describes the woman.

Z.Bella is about fit and fashion—so that’s why we carry plus-size clothing for curvy women!


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