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November 19 2014 – Zoe Schuler

Hi Bellas! Zoe here.

Quick blog post so I can share something I'm excited about.

This morning I met Anne, owner of Pulse Kettlebells & Yoga for coffee. We chatted about our business philosophies and visions and how we could possibly work together. We've got lots of fun ideas coming at ya, but for now I wanted to make sure Pulse Kettlebells & Yoga is on your radar. It's a new business in Middleton, WI (right off of Century Ave, behind Prairie Cafe).

I loved talking with Anne. She used the term body positivity (what?!?! I haven't met many people locally who also use that term!) and she told me that she and all of the instructors at Pulse have signed a contract agreeing to avoid body shaming statements, diet talk, calorie talk, weight loss comments etc. I just love her mindset and the way she is running her business. She's all about feeling good in your own skin just how you are. Yes, she's there to help you get strong and swing some kettlebells around too if you want.

I also really appreciate Anne's stance on fitness marketing. She refuses to do the "guaranteed results!!/21 day weight loss class" type fitness marketing you see all over the place. She sees it as a shame cycle and will not participate. Read more about her thoughts on fitness marketing here.

AND, if you want to try an awesome new workout class, check out the schedule at Pulse. I recently tried the Kettlebells Level 1 class and it was AWESOME! It was hard, but with Anne's great coaching, I was able to do everything she taught us. She emphasized quality over quantity, which worked well for me. I'm not gonna lie, I was super sore the next day, but I used muscles I hadn't used in a while! What do you expect?

I'm going back for more this Wednesday! Let me know if you'll be there.

Next on my list... I'm trying one of the Yoga classes :)


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