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Spanx vs. Squeem

April 28 2015 – Zoe Schuler

During our Squeem Trunk Show last weekend, we found ourselves explaining the benefits and differences of Spanx versus Squeem. If you're new to wearing shapewear this should be especially helpful for you. Or if you've always been confused as to which shapewear is the best for you, keep reading:


I LOVE spanx. I wear some form of Spanx shapewear almost daily. The main benefits of Spanx are:

  • Smooths. Almost all of Spanx shapewear will smooth your body but won't change your size or shape.
  • Clothing lays very nicely over Spanx, especially the Trust Your Thinstincts line. 
  • Wide variety of styles for just about any outfit. There are high waisted shorts, slips, tanks, panties, hosiery, and even bras!


Now that I've learned about Squeem and tested it out for myself, I've found out that there are certain situations that call for a Squeem! I'm definitely making room in my Spanx drawer at home for some Squeem.

Benefits of Squeem:

  • Both the Perfect Waist & Miracle Vest will define your waist and give you an hourglass figure. In fact, they can reduce your waist up to 4"!
  • While Spanx smooths the body, Squeem shapes it (enhancing an hourglass figure)
  • Squeem will also improve your posture. Wearing "corset like" shapewear will automatically help you to straighten your posture. 
  • The Miracle Vest will also smooth back fat and lifts the breasts (a lot!). I tried this on and felt very... perky! ;)

When to wear Spanx & When to Wear Squeem

Everyone is different, but for me, I plan to continue to wear spanx as my "every day shapewear." The tanks are great over jeans and I love the high waisted shorts for under dresses (to help reduce chub rub).

However, Squeem is going to change how I look in many outfits. I'll definitely be rocking my Squeem under snugger fitting dresses & tops. I have a few pairs of jeans that are a little snug in the waist and if I wear my squeem under my jeans I have no muffin top at all!

Have you tried either brand of Shapewear?  We'd love to hear your thoughts on Squeem vs. Spanx. 


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