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10 Fashion Tips to Keep You Cool All Summer Long

June 18 2018 – Zoe Schuler

Here at z.bella boutique we are always talking with customers about the best fashion choices to make to stay cool in the summer heat. No matter what the occasion -- an outdoor wedding, vacation, BBQ, or a regular workday -- we have something special that will help keep you cool and fashionable at the same time. Read below for 10 summer fashion tips and stop by the boutique to let us help you in person!
  1. Dresses/Skirts > Pants

Dresses/skirts are cooler than pants. They allow air to circulate to your skin and heat to waft away. One of our favorite reasons to wear dresses is because it saves time getting ready in the morning. You only have one thing to slip on and you don't have to think about coordinating a top and bottom.

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  1. Choose Clothing in Light Colors

Dark colors absorb light and can make you feel hot, while light colors reflect light and will keep you cool. Opt for lighter colors and patterns when you're going to be outside for extended periods of time. White head-to-toe can be a very chic and fashionable look.

Our picks include:


From left to right: Circle Blouse by Oh My Gauze, Embroidered Peasant Top by Karen Kane, Gardenia Shirt by Comfy USA. 

  1. Wear natural fabrics

Cotton & linen are great choices. Natural fabrics wick away sweat & dry faster. They are more breathable than polyester or rayon. 

Some of our favorite brands that use natural fabrics include: Fresh Produce, Oh My Gauze, Flax, Fridaze, Grizas and Hard Tail Forever.

  1. Worried about wet marks?

Wear patterns rather than solids. Wet marks under your arms, back or under the bust happen to just about everyone when the temperatures rise. If you feel embarrassed of this, opt for a printed top or dress to help disguise it!

  1. Keep your clothing loose.

The looser the better! Let the air circulate. Believe it or not a loose maxi dress will be cooler than jean shorts and a tight tank top.

  1. Skip the padded bra!

Instead choose a soft, unlined bra. Ruby Ribbon is our go to bra because it has no padding and no underwire and it still provides plenty of support! The demiette will keep you coolest, but the tanks have breathable panels in them and work just as well plus they have built in shapewear!


If you would like a private Ruby Ribbon fitting, stop by the boutique and we will happily help you. Ruby Ribbon is available in sizes 32-50.

  1. Avoid flimsy fabrics

Lightweight materials are great for hot weather, but if you don’t want your clothes to stick to your body the second you start to sweat, find lightweight fabrics that have some structure (like embroidery or seams) so they don’t cling to you.

  1. Layer with open-weave & woven fabrics

You’ll feel every glorious, cooling breeze.

  1. Ditch the denim!

When the temps reach the triple digits, opt for pants or shorts made from linen, cotton or tencel.

  1. Show some skin (but don’t forget the SPF!)

Summer is the perfect time to show some skin. Not only will you feel cooler but you can embrace fun trends like off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder shirts and a shorter hemline on your dresses. Just don’t forget to slather on sunscreen!


Looking for more fashion advice or help finding something special, feel free to stop by the boutique or give us a call! 608-827-8700


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