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Election Day Survival Guide

October 30 2020 – Zoe Schuler

Election Day Survival Guide - Z Boutique
Election Day Survival Guide - Z Boutique
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Election Day is almost here. Emotions are running high. Many of us are feeling both anxious for it to come and ready for it to be over. No matter how you plan to spend your evening -- flipping from news channel to news channel or keeping the TV off as long as possible -- We want to help make your night more enjoyable. Keep reading for our Election Day Survival Guide.

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Rock the Vote

Pick up one of these dainty vote necklaces and wear it daily to remind everyone that you voted and they should! Necklace are now 50% off while supplies last.


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Get Cozy

We may be in for a late night. Make sure you have a cozy lounge set to wear while watching the results roll in. You'll be comfy yet stylish. Click below to shop our favorite lounge sets below.


Set the Mood

Make election night more pleasant by selecting your favorite scented candle & lighting it to create a cozy environment. We've stocked up on all the best seasonal scents -- everything from Apple Cider to Pumpkin Pie and Winter Frosted Leaves. Click here to shop the candle collection.

Create a Stack

Feeling anxious? Stressed? Can't sleep? Is your stomach tied up in knots?
Create the perfect Infinite Warrior bracelet stack to help you feel great throughout election night.
A Labradorite bracelet not only calms an overactive mind but lowers blood pressure and aids in digestion. Aquamarine soothes fears and increases courage. Moonstone + Pyrite is great for luck and new beginnings. And Sodalite helps with insomnia and increases rational thought. Click here to shop the entire Infinite Warrior collection. Or better yet, stop by the boutique and we'll help you build a stack.
And don't forget to top off your evening with take out from your favorite LOCAL restaurant. The AlchemyHa Long BaySalvatore's Tomato Pies, and Poke Poke are some of our favorites. And if you need a great bottle of wine to get through the evening, we recommend swinging by Table Wine or Square Wine Company.
Or, maybe you want to take a break during the results for a bit of self care. Check out Valerie Hesslink Yoga and join us for a Yoga Class via Zoom at 6:45 PM or 8:00 PM. For more information, click here.


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