Fashion that Fits: Exclusive Plus-Size Style in Sizes 14-24

Ciao Bella!

June 10 2019 – Zoe Schuler

Have you been waiting to hear about our surprise? Well, we’re excited to let you in on the big secret — actually three big secrets!

If you have been around Z.Bella Boutique for a while, you know that it’s our mission help you find clothes that flatter your body and remind you how beautiful you are. We believe everyone should look awesome and feel awesome!

We know it can be extremely frustrating to walk into a shop where clothes don’t fit quite right. Don’t even get us started about in-attentive stylists! As you know, shopping at Z.Bella is like shopping with your friends. If you don’t look awesome in that top, we’ll find you one that does!


This leads us to our surprises…


Personal Styling Appointments — Our very own, Zoe, has been styling customers since our boutique opened almost six years ago. She’s helped countless women find the clothing they can dress up (or down) in. We’re now offering one-on-one Styling Consultations so you can work with Zoe to update your wardrobe or to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion. There are a variety of personal styling options for you to choose from. For more information or to book an appointment, click below:


Z Insiders Facebook Group — If you’re on this email list, you’re already an insider, but we want to bring our community a little closer. We want to create a place where you can go for the best plus-size fashion advice. We value your opinion when we go on buying trips and we want you to be the first to know when sales are happening! We also know not all of you live near Madison so we’re planning to have virtual shopping parties too! Join us in our new Z Insiders Facebook group — we are excited to create a community of beautiful, curvy women and we don’t want you to miss out!


Ciao Bella — You might be curious about the subject of this email. So here is the reveal of our last big surprise: we are changing our name from Z.Bella Boutique to Z Boutique! Goodbye Bella! As we’ve grown throughout the past five years, we’ve embodied our mission to help our customers feel stylish and beautiful. While that mission will continue to lead Z Boutique as we grow, our shift to a new location is affording us the opportunity to offer an even better experience to our customers! In typical Z Boutique fashion, we’ll be celebrating our name change with a Summer Solstice Party on Friday, June 21st.


We hope these surprises excite you as much as they excite us! While we may have a new name, rest assured that your experience at our boutique will be better than ever! We are so excited to connect with you one-on-one through our personal styling appointments and online in the Z Insiders Facebook group! As we continue to grow our community, we are here ready to serve you in all your styling needs!






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