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Lavender Powder - Dry Shampoo



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Lavender Powder - Dry Shampoo



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      Dry shampoos have become very popular in today’s busy schedules, but many aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Most contain harsh chemicals and ingredients, and what’s worse is you’re carrying it all around with you on the top of your head until your next regular shampooing.

      Qet combined the natural, organic powder made from the dried arrowroot plant with real lavender flowers ground to a fine powder and have added a touch of lavender oil. The Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo helps to absorb any excess oil while naturally freshening and providing a clean, light feeling without anything extra - just you and your hair. Essential oil of rosemary is included as it is beneficial for the hair and scalp and provides a fresh, clean feeling as well. 


      Pour a small amount of the dry shampoo into the jar lid. Dip a clean makeup brush into the cap, and tap off the excess. Qet found that a foundation brush with its angled, smaller application area directs the dry shampoo more precisely than a larger blush brush. All you need is a bit on the tip of the brush. Apply dry shampoo directly where you need volume and oil control. Blend it in with your fingers, or the brush, and you’re ready to go - no need to rinse or add water.

      It won’t be visible when you apply it lightly and blend it in. Anything extra on your brush or fingers can be used as a body powder. 

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