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Flat Socks in Leopard



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Flat Socks in Leopard



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      Microfiber Terrycloth

      Get rid of your no-show socks but keep a familiar sock feel with these plush FLAT SOCKS. Made from 2mm microfiber terry, the surface is so plush and soft it’s actually considered a 3D textile. The best part: FLAT SOCKS come out of the dryer looking new, while other terrycloth competitors soon look haggard and worn.

      FLAT SOCKS are the next no show sock. Traditional socks ruin a great outfit, and “no shows” always show or slip down and become a wrinkled, annoying, uncomfortable mess. FLAT SOCKS give you the ability to let your shoes speak for themselves. They never show, never slip around, and they let you rock out with no socks while keeping your shoes from becoming a stinky mess!

      While FLAT SOCKS may look like a shoe insole, they don’t replace your shoe’s insole—they replace your SOCKS! At the end of the day, throw your FLAT SOCKS in the washer (and dryer) as often as you like!

      NO SHOW
      Unless your foot's not in your shoe, they are your shoe’s best-kept secret!

      NO SLIP
      The underside of the comfortable base cushion is a nice grippy surface with a raised FLAT SOCKS logo that gives added traction. These things seriously don’t budge!

      NO STINK
      FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier between your bare feet and your shoe’s insole, preventing your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp (yuck!).

      Other "no show" socks are either "some show” or they inevitably slip over your heel and become a wrinkled mess, or they demand extra time with sticky tapes or removing and replacing shoe insoles, along with frequent adjustments throughout the day. FLAT SOCKS are literally the simplest solution!

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      These will fit up to a women's size 11 and a men's 10.


      If possible, remove shoe’s insole and use as a guide for trimming your FLAT SOCKS. Replace shoe insole when finished. If your shoe’s insole is glued in or difficult to remove, use trim guides stamped into the underside of FLAT SOCKS to trim to the right size.


      Care Instructions
      Machine wash cold with like colors, no bleach. Tumble dry.

      Product Details
      100% polyester top coverings
      100% polyurethane foam base cushion

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